About VRM

VRM Granites is one of the fastest growing exporters of world class granites in India. Located near Ongole, Andhra Pradesh in southern India, we are reputed for bringing natural stones with class and quality, sourced from locations that are uniquely blessed with exquisite stones that can add strength and charm to your edifices. We are proud to be the sourcing agent of marbles and granites from chosen quarries and trusted distributors in India, with a worldwide reputation.


We use the latest technology to continuously update our logistics and supply chain mechanism for meeting orders from across the globe. The whole logistics and supply system is managed using an integrated software mechanism that effectively stores customer data and order info in a way that makes it available instantly to the concerned departments. The system sends timely notifications about individual tasks to the relevant persons in different departments to keep the total process revved up and running smoothly.


The stones are kept safely and securely, packed well, throughout the process that spans from bringing them in, to making the delivery. A systematic approach is applied in every step of dealing with the stones. This includes the activities viz. testing, shifting, handling, polishing and dispatching of the stones. Employee safety is always ensured and standard procedures are strictly followed. Essentially a safe environment is ensured at VRM Granites for the staff and the products.


Quality is a practice than just a catchphrase at VRM Granites. Quality leads us in the industry and the market. It’s also in our business ethics that we deliver exactly the best that you deserve to get and have stringent quality testing measures in place to ensure one thing; confidence - that you are in fact buying the products with the promised quality and other features. Compliance to International standards is basic practice to us.

Granite Gallery

  • Black Galaxy

  • Steel Grey

  • Absolute Black

  • Black Pearl

  • Jet Black

  • Adoni Brown

  • Paradiso

  • Base Paradiso

  • Cofee Brown

  • Himalayan Blue

  • New Kashmir White

  • Moon White

  • Red Multi Color

  • Tan Brown